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Tara J. Young is a blogger and creator of By day, she is a senior lead organizer who works hard to train, motivate and empower people to take action that will ensure changes in their community and workplace. Before hitting the streets as an organizer, Tara worked briefly for Congressman Sander Levin (D-Mich.).

After working on the Hill, Tara completed a six-month fellowship at FairVote. During her time at FairVote, she shined the spotlight on Secretary of State electoral races, which are often ignored until there’s an election problem.

Prior to working at FairVote, Tara worked for the hottest public relations firm in Detroit, Nedd Worldwide, where she was promoted to communications director. She was relentless.

After Nedd Worldwide, Tara served as press secretary for Detroit City Council Member Sharon McPhail.

After a two-year political hiatus, Tara joined Governor Jennifer Granholm’s re-election campaign where she served on the communications team.

After the success of Granholm’s campaign, Tara served as media and campaign coordinator for the Detroit launch of National Action Network’s “Decency in Hip Hop” campaign, garnering more than 20 media hits with her original “S.O.A.P,” (Stop Offensive and Abusive language through Personal Responsibility) concept.

Tara worked closely with both Hip Hop Legend Kurtis Blow and Khary Turner, an amazing poet and lyricist, who is currently executive director at the Coleman A. Young Foundation.

Tara is originally from Brooklyn, New York “Big up to Brooklyn,” and went to college in Detroit, Michigan.

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Tara attended Wayne State University and received a B.A. in public relations. After graduation, she served on the board of the Organization of Black Alumni at Wayne State, where she was voted outstanding member of the year during her first year of service. The next year, Tara was elected alumni president.

In addition to her degree, she received political and organizing training from both left and right-leaning ideologies. In 2006, Tara completed organizing training at Midwest Academy, one of the leading grassroots programs in the country. A year later, Tara completed a nine-month political fellowship program with the Center for Progressive Leadership.

Tara recently completed the Congressional Black Institute’s Political Leadership “Boot Camp,” which is a highly-acclaimed program.

On the conservative side, Tara received intensive preparation through 10 courses at the Leadership Institute, a conservative political school in Arlington, Virginia.

Tara is currently using her training from the left and right political ideologies, along with her street smarts and personal life experiences to empower people to advocate in a raw, unapologetic, but smart and strategic manner that can help them “do more than scratch the surface.”