Donald Trump volunteers in an UnHuge Way

160819_abc_trump_in_louisiana_16x9_992Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards told Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in a statement: “We welcome him to Louisiana but not for a photo op. Instead, we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.”

According to, Trump’s campaign manager said, “no press allowed because the candidate was going to Louisiana to help out.”

Once he arrived, Trump loves a camera like a rapper loves a microphone and he stepped up to the camera to “spit” words to the community, after he volunteered for 49 seconds, according to ABC News.

49 seconds is UnHUGE.

On Sunday, Governor Edwards appeared on CNN and was gracious to Trump. He thanked the nominee for the visit, which brought attention to the plight in Louisiana. In addition to the 49 seconds of volunteer community service, Trump donated $100,000 to a local church that will help displaced victims.

But let’s be real, his volunteer moment was a photo op, and to be honest, he would have scored more points if he had just written the check.

When you volunteer in your “hood,” or another “hood,” you should commit at least two hours and not 49 seconds.

By Tara J., the advocate with a hip hop twist