I received my first email question!


Larry, who lives in Ohio asked, “I want to volunteer for a local candidate, but I don’t like to work with a bunch of people. Help?”

Thank you for your question, Larry. It was my first official question!

I got a couple suggestions for you.

There are a few campaign volunteer gigs with little interaction with people.

One of the gigs is delivering yard signs. This assignment is a good gig for someone like you, Larry because the potential voter made a request, therefore, they are excited to see you for that minute or two.

So, here is that potential voter’s deal. They have decided to vote for your candidate, and they want to promote it. The yard sign is a commercial that could be seen by their neighbors. In addition to the neighbors, people driving by their home or business will see that candidate’s name and office they are seeking, which gives especially a first-time candidate, much needed exposure.

Larry, here’s another suggestion: Data Entry: Input Voter’s 411 for the campaign

Now, if you just want to be given a task and then left alone, data entry might be the volunteer assignment for you, Larry.

There are organizers knocking on doors and volunteers phone banking – calling voters from a list of eligible voters supplied by the campaign.

At the end of the day, the campaign needs to store the information gained through phone banking and door knocking. The candidate, in turn, will use the information gained to turnout people that support them on Election Day.

So, this job needs a volunteer with a hip hop twist, which is someone that will take ownership of this assignment. Now Larry, if this sounds like you, sit at that computer, receive updated information and input that voter’s 411 for the candidate of your choice.

By Tara J., the advocate with the hip hop twist