Mississippi doesn’t want more Black Voters

If you are still under the illusion that your vote doesn’t matter, well peep this quote made by Gail Harrison Welch, who is the Election Commissioner in Mississippi.

On Facebook, she lamented how Black residents in her county had planned successful voter registration events. She said, “I’m concerned about voter registration in Mississippi,” the commissioner wrote. “The blacks are having lots (she forgot the word of) events for voter registration. People in Mississippi have to get involved, too.”

She later said, her racist quote was supposed to be private. Word! Well, now, The Blacks know how you really feel, you must resign.

The election commissioner is one the gatekeeper of fair elections for the county. She is responsible for election day and manages data purge voter rolls in compliance with the National Voters Rights Act. Now, in the words of Kevin Gates, “I ain’t trustin’ no, no, no, no, no …racist commissioner. Resign! And The Blacks of Mississippi keep up the work. #DoMoreThanScratchTheSurfaces.

Tara J., advocate with a hip hop twist, and together, we can “do more than scratch the surface.”