Become a 2019 Back to School #FreshJeansAdvocate!

It’s simple.

YOU become a #FreshJeansAdvocate by making a small donation, and we will give a new pair of jeans to students with low-income in Prince George’s County. has partnered with Community of Hope AME Church, and it will serve as #FreshJeansAdvocate Distribution Center.

A clean and fresh pair of jeans improves attendance, well-being, character, and behavior.  YOU remember, there is nothing like a fresh pair of jeans.

Tara created the #FreshJeansAdvocate Project after hearing hip-hop artist Lil Nas X rapping about his favorite jeans – Wrangler. Hearing rappers spit a lyric for their jeans isn’t new.  As a rep of Generation X, she knows old-school hip hop started the trend. Some of Tara’s favorite hip hop artist named the jeans they wore, but it was their swag that made it fresh. Run DMC wore Adidas shell toes with no laces, and straight-legged Levis’ Classic 501 or 505 Denim. In the late 80s, NWA wore Acid Wash Jeans introduced by Rifle Jeans in 1985, but many used bleach to lighten their jeans. Now, in the 90s jeans had a message. Carl Jones and T.J. Walker’s South Central, Los Angeles-based brand touted clothes with messages of empowerment, education, and a plea to end violence. TLC, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg wore the social consciousness blue jeans.

Countless studies say that the clothes we wear affect our behavior, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and even the way we interact with others. While a pair of jeans isn’t a complete wardrobe, it’s an essential part of a wardrobe because of its versatility. Fashion Expert, Nicole Avery Nichols, who has written about the fashion industry more than a decade, says, “Jeans are iconic, especially for young people. More than any other article of clothing, jeans have the power to carry memories. Most Americans have fond memories of what they did are where they went in a favorite pair of jeans.”

Tara agrees with the expert, and when jeans paired with a blazer becomes a church or chic outfit, polo shirt, it’s a classic casual and worn with a Tee-Shirt, it’s a comfortable, relaxed outfit for the playground or chilling with friends. I desire to help as many students as possible find their swag and rock a pair of fresh jeans. Please donate to the #FreshJeansAdvocate Project.

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