On Any Given Saturday

n739048409_2109530_1156177-1According to sportsecyclopedia.com, Bert Bell, who was National Football League (NFL) quarterback and the first commissioner coined the statement, “On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team.”

Well, Esther Coleman is a renaissance volunteer and on any given Saturday you will find her using her skills: education and talent to beat injustice, poverty and encouraging young people to reach their goals.

NFL.com states, regular football season last 17 weeks, but unlike football, causes like Maryland’s Foreclosure Prevention Pro Bono Project and other issues Esther care about need attention 52 weeks of the year. And that is why she can be found volunteering on any given Saturday for a cause or issue of her choice.

hiphopadvocate.org asked why she sacrifices so many Saturdays to make a difference. And we loved her answer:

“I don’t see it as a sacrifice. The work that I do with the volunteer organizations is fulfilling to me, not just on a philanthropic level, but on a soul satisfying level.”

She added, “I’m passionate about being an advocate for women, children and for people who have been wronged or who’ve had their rights infringed upon, that’s one of the reasons why I knew I wanted to study the law, and my volunteer work helps me to delve into things that I’m passionate about.”

Esther, who is a skillful attorney, appreciates the arts in her adopted hometown of Washington, D.C. And it was that appreciation that moved her to serve as a board member with Words, Beats & Life Inc.,  which is an organization of unapologetic advocates, according to their website. Empowering artists to relentlessly create and refine systems that demonstrate this notion of positive change through creativity.

Esther said, “I am a fan of the arts and I love encouraging youth to be all they can be. With Words, Beats & Life Inc., I saw an organization that gave youth an artistic outlet and that let them see that the world expanded beyond their communities and that they should strive to be a part of the larger world.”

So, from helping young people use art to empower their life’s mission, using her legal expertise with the Young Lawyer’s Section of the Maryland State Bar Association to helping low-income residents complete their taxes you will find her volunteering on any given Saturday using her prowess to #DoMoreThanScratchTheSurface.

Now, you don’t have to be a renaissance volunteer like Esther, and volunteer most Saturdays, but she wants her story to encourage you to volunteer a couple of hours a month.

By Tara J., the advocate with a hip hop twist